About Tabby Tijger

The 3 Ps have been our driving force for years: PEOPLE – PETS – PLAYTIME

Claudia & Danny have been taking care of the well-being of cats for years and have therefore focused on a wide range of high-quality and mostly handmade products with their vision that it must be an added value for the cat. That is why they put attention to the importance and method of production and also the selection of the components that ensure the attractive Tabby Tijger portfolio.

“In 2013 we started our online adventure with 8 Flying Frenzy cat wands and 7 cat toys which could be attached to the wand. The webshop Flying Frenzy soon became the favorite webshop with many cat mums and cat dads. After a successful period and thousands of happy kittens later it was time to expand the product range and continue our mission under the new brand name ‘Tabby Tijger’ named after one of our Holly Birman cats.”

Quality and Safety first — No compromise.

All products are homemade in our Tabby Tijger Studio in Antwerp (BE). They are produced with passion and personally tested by the team based on a number of strong criteria’s.

We do this because we believe that safe and quality products should take precedence over cheap and unsafe toys from China or other countries where animals are abused for their feathers or fur.

100% handmade and cat-safe!

We use as few coloured feathers as possible for our Tabby Tijger toys. Only with the “Standard Vogel Deluxe” do we use marabou plumes and dyes on vegetable basis – without heavy metals and other toxic components, which you unfortunately often find in most cat toys.

The product range can vary depending on the condition of the birds when we collect their feathers, the time of year, the availability of the feathers, etc. That is why you will usually find the natural colors in our toys in 99% of the cases.